Rain of Grace

A field is useful to farmers if there is enough rain to make good crops grow. In fact, God will bless that field. But land that produces only thorns is worthless. It is likely to fall under God’s curse, and in the end, it will be set on fire.” Hebrews 6:4-7 CEV

To drink the rain that falls on the ground, to yield good fruit, to be fertile and always ready for each day’s blessings – why is this not always happening?

Everyday, grace is sufficiently bestowed – rained upon us, as if we deserve it. And what do we do? We are like the roads which hold the rain for a while but then get rid of it in the sewers. We can, but we don’t drink in the rain, because our hearts refuse to be rained on. We think that we have what it takes to be truly human. We believe in our sufficient strength, our good acts, our benevolent intentions, our religious rituals, our commitment to our vows. But “life is difficult.” And in the face of trials we sometimes lose hope. When faced with temptations, we fall on the wayside, presented with options we go astray. In fact, we are often unwise that we have often detoured from our life’s main road.

If are without wisdom, what we will become in the end are immature people. We will cover ourselves with enough masks to camouflage our inadequacies.

God wants to bless us – but we need to drink in His rain of grace all the time. We need to live on, by, and of His love. We need to stop living in our own might. Our efforts should be towards a growing understanding of how God wants us to conduct our lives. For us Christians, It cannot be as how the world does it, or according to what the world approves of, or based on whether we have a good feeling afterwards. We need to live in God’s grace, completely dependent on his provisions for righteousness.

This is not easy. Sometimes this is even impossible for us human beings, but this is how it should be.

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